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John Farley, Jr. MA, PsyD Fitness Hypnotist
John Farley, Jr. MA, PsyD —
The Fitness Hypnotist
If you answered “yes” to any question, then you have a condition that needs to be solved if you want to lose weight. You’ll find a guaranteed solution here.
Start Losing All The Weight YOU Want —
Risk Free
The “SleepSlim X” — Positive Hypnosis System can help you really lose weight easier than ever before — and keep it off!

“YES! I’m ready to stop struggling to lose weight, then gaining it back. I want my mindset and my emotions transformed from weight loss failure and difficulty to body transformation and smooth sailing.”

Ready to rid yourself of the habits that aren’t helping? SleepSlim X shows you how to lose bad habits in the easiest, fastest way possible.

We, at The Optimal Performance Institute, an IRS approved non-profit organization, understand your frustration. It’s estimated that only 1 person in 1,000 gets and keeps the weight off long-term.

When it comes to fast weight loss, there’s tons of hype and empty promises. Herbs, medications, and pre-packaged meals are really just distractions we use. The reality is that diets don’t work, exercise is way overrated for burning calories, and nobody is talking about what really matters — lasting weight loss.

So what really works?

Rachel looking slim!
Rachel looking slim!

“I can’t thank you enough for having faith in me, John, and getting me started.”
?- Linda Lee, Mass. (62.5 pounds lighter, 60 something years young)

(Note: Linda had a traumatic past. With a hypnotic solution she overcame the multi-decade issue and her life took-off in the right way!)

“…I’ve actually started to see a change. I changed the picture I have of myself….I’ve lost 15 lbs. since I started the program and people are starting to notice!”
– Linda Curtis, CA

“I’ve lost 18 pounds. It gave me the motivation to say, ‘Let’s get started!'”
– James Martin

“You’ve re-made me!”
– Dr. Bill Polf, NYC (dropped 25 pounds at age 57)

“I know it is not even a month…but I weighed myself today and I’ve released 8 pounds. WOW! Better yet, I am not hungry, not deprived and not punishing myself. Thank you!”
– Pankaj – CA

“I’m looking forward to more hypnosis. It calms my whole week and makes me feel committed to continuing my efforts. Thanks for a brilliant hypnosis program.”
– Sherie Linford – CA

An effective weight loss program is easy, enjoyable, and fun. It makes taking action feel good and it consistently produces results. An effective weight loss program should be easy to live with long-term. In fact, the new way of living should be more enjoyable than the old way of living — so that it becomes automatic.

Here’s why other programs fail (and even why some other hypnosis programs that charge 10x as much have failed): they don’t eliminate the cause of the problem. SleepSlim X does exactly that — it solves the cause of the problem.


the SleepSlim X — Positive Hypnosis System

The good news is that our “No Diet” program is not about counting calories or restrictive eating or special exercise routines. It’s based on science and what works. It’s so simple, even a child can do it.

To lose weight, you shouldn’t have to give up what you love or torture yourself with exercise. A real weight loss and weight management program works with holidays, vacations, or special events — because that’s real life.

Extreme methods don’t work because they’re not sustainable. Any change you can’t live with long-term won’t work. That’s obvious, right? Other weight loss programs tell you what to do, but you already know what you should be doing, right?

Patricia L. before
Patricia L. before
Patricia L. 80 pounds lighter 9 months later without struggle or deprivation
Patricia L. 80 pounds lighter 9 months later without struggle or deprivation

Stephen Rubin, while president of Doubleday book publishers and working directly with John Farley, Jr., melted off 20 lbs. He wrote, “I recommend [John Farley] without any provisos.”

Dr. Brian Kaplan wrote: “I believe John’s qualities are found only in truly exceptional people. I believe those people deserve a great deal of respect.” (Dr. Kaplan melted off 17 lbs. in 30 days.)

Ben Sherwood, now president of ABC television said: “What you’re teaching people is life changing.”

Dr. William Polf, at age 57, was taking many medications. Dr. Polf melted off 25 lbs. He later travelled to Scotland and climbed the rolling hills that he couldn’t climb before due to joint pain. When he returned to the U.S he found his love, and married her.

Five (5) time Olympic Swimmer and multi-gold medal winner, Ms. Dara Torres used our nutritional program. The good news is that with Positive Hypnosis you don’t have to eat like an Olympian to lose weight.

Ms. Paula Pacheco of California wrote: “My cravings are gone! I…have no cravings or desire for chocolate. I don’t have to check the refrigerator throughout the day and evenings. I’m thrilled!”

Daphne Sarran of California wrote: “I’ve been feeling stronger and more confident. [The hypnosis program] is helping me change my diet very easily.”

Marianne wrote: “It’s not a struggle. I just make the right choices. Amazing!”

Trish Lukins wrote: “I stopped my emotional eating every day by harnessing the power of my subconscious mind every night and so can you.” Trish melted off 80 lbs. in 9 months. Trish is nearly 6 feet tall — see the photo above!

Diane Gribshaw – who works for NASA said, “SleepSlim contains the biggest part that is missing from all other programs. I feel more in control and healthier. One of the other aspects I truly appreciate — my relief from guilt has been incredible.”

Jan Foy – California: “I’ve lost 5 lbs in two weeks. SleepSlim has really helped me.”

“For the first time in years you wake up in the morning thrilled to start your day. After working with John Farley, you can’t wait to get through the door, out into the world, try out life with this new idea, this new tool, this new skill. You are ready.“
» Kristin Rudrud, Actress Fargo & Pleasantville

The science works like this: (1) SleepSlim X de-hypnotizes bad habits out of your subconscious mind. (2) You’ll receive and accept positive hypnotic suggestions that give your subconscious mind new habits that cause you to eat less and your body to burn body fat faster. (3) You’ll enjoy the process and your weight loss progress.

What’s the science behind hypnosis? Just as Pavlov proved that canines could be neurologically conditioned to respond to an external stimulus, we humans can be too. The reason is because the “reptilian brain” drives our hunger and our habits. By using hypnotic, neurological conditioning techniques, much like Pavlov used, you’ll be freed from bad habits and naturally start having good habits.

Famous Medical Doctor, Andrew Weil, M.D. from Harvard University, states:

“In addition to these uses, Dr. Weil has recommended hypnotherapy to help ease chronic pain, lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, alleviate symptoms of autoimmune disease, and counteract anxiety and sleep disorders. Hypnotherapy can also be used to improve performance, as a form of analgesia or sedation for medical and dental procedures, and even to help stop bleeding in accident victims.”

….And weight loss! Make sure you get the Free Special Report:

The 7 Mistakes That Cause Fat Loss Failure


Q: Can I get stuck in hypnosis and never awaken?

A: No more than you can get stuck daydreaming. You’ll simply drift off to sleep and awaken naturally.

Q: What if I can’t be hypnotized?

A: If you can daydream, then you can be hypnotized. Hypnosis feels like daydreaming or intense, peaceful concentration.

Q: How long will the effects last?

A: It varies. For some, one session lasts a lifetime, while other folks need repetition. We recommend frequent, repeated usage to guarantee success.

Q: What if I’m scared?

A: You will be receiving positive suggestions designed to transform your life and body for the better — easily and without struggle. You’re going to really enjoy positive hypnosis.

Q: I’m Christian and concerned about hypnosis for religious reasons.

A: Positive Hypnosis is no more about religion than is a computer software program. Remember, you are still in control of yourself the entire time. Positive Hypnosis gives you back control over a part of your life that is currently out of control. The system gives you the keys to program your own mental computer.

Tricia S. Down 30 lbs.
Tricia S. Down 30 lbs.

After a hypnosis series, Tricia lost 30 lbs. Tricia’s much happier and much lighter. She’s more in control of herself now.

Allison 15 lbs. lighter
Allison 15 lbs. lighter

Sacrifice The Cost of One Semi-Fancy Dinner Out For Long Term Weight Loss and Freedom

What’s being overweight or “chunkier” than you want to be, really costing you in life? In terms of health, attitude, self-esteem, energy? Is it worth one quarter per day to change it?

“Yes” is the savvy answer.

Hold everything. Honestly. How much has your struggle with weight cost you over the years? In real cash. How about those extra lattes at Starbucks? The extra food you didn’t need to buy and eat, but did anyway? It adds up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars ever year of your life. How much would not getting your weight handled cost you in the future? Not only the tens of thousands of dollars in both weight loss gimmicks, and extra food, but the cost of the anxiety and depression in your life.

When you change your body your life will change for the better because you’ll feel better. The most profound reason is simply this:

You’ll take control of part of your life that’s out of control. I’ve had very successful women (and men) tell me, nearly in tears, that losing weight is the only area they can’t seem to succeed at.

Now you can succeed. Weight loss is a byproduct of changing your beliefs, your drives and your habits. That’s why you need a real solution: The SleepSlim X — Positive Hypnosis System.

Here Is What You’ll Receive When You Act Now and Take Advantage of this Special Offer. (We reserve the right to change this offer and the special introductory pricing at any time — that means, the savvy choice is to Melt Your Fat before this offer melts away).

The retail value of the following positive hypnosis systems is over $2,000. The reason it’s valued at that because of the body transformation you’ll experience. The health, the energy, the confidence, and the pride, you’ll experience is worth your weight in gold. Because we can leverage the program digitally, we’re able to offer it for a fraction of the regular value.

All products are DIGITAL. Nothing is shipped. You’ll get special access to the membership area. (Only a quarter per day over the next year to change your body and life. Yes.)

The SleepSlim X — Positive Hypnosis System
Only $89.95; One measly quarter per day for your health.
Four (4) Positive Hypnosis Sessions to end emotional eating and transform your life.

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Unstoppable Confidence — Positive Hypnosis System

Sold by itself for $99. Yours free to use along with the SleepSlim X program sleepslim-confidence

Confidence has been shown to be the most important ingredient for success. Your motivation is tied to your self-confidence. Low confidence = Low motivation. Low motivation = No results. This four (4) session program puts the components of confidence together to make you and your goals, Unstoppable!
Free Bonus #2 for You:
Deep Asleep — Positive Hypnosis System

deepsleepSleep impacts weight loss. Without the right amount of deep sleep, your body will increase hunger hormones causing you to want to eat more. Listen to Deep Asleep (one, 30 minute recording with hypnotic music and healthy suggestions) as you go to bed. You will go Deep Asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

You get: $228.90 worth of life changing Positive Hypnosis sessions for only $89.95 $89.95 (Is that fair or is that fair?)

Join me and change your life. See you on the inside.

John Farley, Jr. MA, PsyD — The Fitness Hypnotist
Certified Hypnotist
Certified NLP Practitioner
Master’s Level Personal Fitness Trainer
Nutritional Counselor
Former National Black Belt Karate Champion


(All Products Are Digital. Nothing Is Shipped. Get immediate Access. 60 Day Money Back, no questions asked if you’re unhappy, Guarantee — You have my word.
I want you to be a very happy customer.)

PS — What’s going to happen when you take action today:

First, you’ll go to the checkout page and lock-in your membership.

Then, you’ll receive an email that has your login link and your Username and Password.


Next, you’ll receive a PDF about hypnosis. Next, login to the membership site. I suggest that you start with Unstoppable Confidence! Build your confidence to succeed with weight loss. Or you can use both Unstoppable Confidence and SleepSlim X at the same time. One hypnosis audio in the morning, and the other system later on that day or evening. It depends on how much time you have each day. Use the program daily or as often as you can. Take the full 60 days to experience a change in your life. Join me.


Why You Need To Become A SleepSlim X –
Positive Hypnosis System Member Today

  1. Health is literally wealth. Your ability to move, think, and feel energized has both direct and indirect impact on your success. SleepSlim X will give you the focus and energy to have more joy and happiness. Each day you’re not focused and energized is a day you’re less happy than you could. Not being a member is costing you joy.
  2. You want to look better and it’s only going to happen with action. Tomorrow you’ll be older…or younger? SleepSlim X can literally make you biologically younger by reducing the fat on your body. More fat means more cognitive decline and more physical decline. You don’t want to age faster. You need SleepSlim X to reverse the signs of aging now.
  3. You’re psychological wellbeing is associated with your physical wellbeing. When you feel strong and in-control, your life is GREAT. When you feel out-of-control, then you feel like garbage and your results are weak.

Take Action. Don’t wait. It could be too late if you do. Get in. Start the program. Isn’t it time you let your subconscious mind do the tough work for you? More joy is on the inside. Wait! You have questions you want me to answer? Call me directly. 408-688-four five nine six. That’s my direct number. Crazy right? But call, and we’ll schedule a time to talk. Also, opt in to the newsletter so that I can give you free tips for burning fat and health and the Free Special Report — The 7 Mistakes That Cause Fat Loss Failure.

Two more Free BONUSES for you:

5simple-secrets5 Simple Secrets To Flat Abs.
This fast to read report gives you: *The one thing you need to do to lower your body fat and increase your metabolic rate so your abs show.



feast-fast-fatThe Feast and Fast Fat Melting Diet!

This bonus Special Report will show you not only how to melt off the fat, but also make yourself extremely healthy in the process. How? By staggering your calories properly, and through the power of juicing.

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