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The natural solution for ending emotional eating…. While You Lose Weight.

End Emotional Eating and Keep The
Weight Off Long-term.

You Will Amaze Yourself As You Burn Off Ugly, Stubborn, Belly Fat & Body Fat Without Deprivation, Cravings or Strenuous Exercise.

This program is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. I’m going to show you how the wasted time you spend watching television or reading Facebook posts can change your life and your body, without strenuous exercise, strict diets or drastic measures.

You’re going to discover why the SleepSlim X — Positive Hypnosis System is the answer to ending the number one cause of diet failure: Emotional Eating. If you’ve struggled with your weight…lost weight and gained it back, then chances are, you are an emotional eater. I was shocked when I realized that, I too, was an occasional emotional eater and that emotional eating was rampant in our society.

“Yes, I Want A New Body!”

Here’s What Will Happen For You With SleepSlim X:

  • You’ll eat fewer calories, yet feel satisfied without cravings.
  • Your motivation and confidence to get slim will increase.
  • Your going to just do what it takes to succeed without struggle.
  • The fat is going to melt off you.
  • Your going to, automatically and without anxiety, change your habits.

Let me tell you a quick story.

I was a fitness instructor from the age of 19. I was fit, and I helped others get fit. My body type was lean and my activity level was high. Body fat was a problem my clients had, it wasn’t a problem for me.

As the years went by, I still stayed in excellent shape, but then something happened. I went through a very tough period of my life. So tough, life seemed almost hopeless. My motivation was gone and my future seemed bleak.

Finally, after years of struggle and emotional pain, I started to turn things around.

I was over at a family friend’s house. I asked to change clothes in their bathroom because I was getting ready to lead a special public seminar that evening. That’s when the first dose of reality hit me.

In the bathroom I saw a big, fancy scale. Since I was stripping down anyway, I decided to step on. The dial went up and up to a number that I could hardly believe!

When I went downstairs into the kitchen, I saw members of the family. They looked at me and I said, “Is that scale in the bathroom accurate?” One of them smiled and chuckled.

“Yeah. But that’s what happens when you eat at Round Table Pizza!” he said. He was referring to where me and my business team had gone for lunch that afternoon.

Then I remembered something. I was at a social event many months prior. A guy I knew came up to me and asked, “Have you gained weight?”

That question seemed completely odd to me. I’d never been asked if I’d gained (fat) weight in my entire life, so I brushed it off as “baggy clothes.” That guy’s comment, and the scale numbers I’d seen at that family friend’s home, got me thinking.

“What happened?” I asked myself. The answer was, a lot had happened. I’d had some really challenging life events. In fact, what happened to me over the previous two years was traumatic and even life-threatening. But that wasn’t all….

What had happened to me was that the most important factors for weight loss (or weight gain) had changed. What are those crucial factors? It’s two words: Habits and motivation.

My motivation was low and my habits had changed. “Habits” are the heart and center of the results we get in our lives. Amazingly good (or bad) things happen when our habits change.

Not long ago, I was unhappy with life. Times became tough and I was only days away from being kicked out from where I lived. If that’s ever happened to you, then you can relate. If not, perhaps you can imagine the feeling of having nowhere to go.

It was no wonder that my lifestyle habits were completely out of whack. Just before the landlord kicked me out, I had to close a business and had no money coming in. My new landlord decided to raise the rent an extra $400 per month. My life was spiraling out of control and nothing I did to change it was working — and I did everything I could think of. You can probably relate to feeling out of control once in awhile.

I was extremely embarrassed. My confidence was sinking faster than the Titanic. The year before that, money was plentiful, and now it was evaporating quicker than wet dew on a dry leaf in a scorching hot desert.

I was having a hard time making money to buy food. However, the food I did eat was making me fatter. Chips were typical, but cookies were a new habit I’d developed. Plus, I wasn’t exercising like I used to. Can you guess what was happening inside my mind?

My state of mind was constantly fluctuating between “depressed” on one end, to “anxious” on the other. That’s what typically happens to anyone. We swing from low energy to high manic — at least I did.

I had very little motivation to eat healthier or exercise better. Here’s the really embarrassing part:

I’m the guy who was the personal fitness trainer to the rich and famous…AND I’m the guy who has hypnotized men, women and children for weight loss and many other accomplishments.

What’s more, I’m also the guy who taught “wannabee” personal trainers how to become professional fitness trainers — I wrote three (3) manuals on the topic. I mean, I have college degrees from leading universities in fitness and psychology and certificates that few others in the world can boast. But…

All that knowledge wasn’t keeping me slim, trim, positive or powerful. Sure. I honestly believe that my skills and knowledge on how to reduce stress, stay optimistic and keep healthy kept me from becoming seriously overweight or worse. However…

I was gaining fat weight, but I wasn’t really conscious of it. Not only that, I was unmotivated like never before. I was frustrated, lonely, anxious and moderately depressed. And the worst part was this…

My confidence was sinking. I was losing hope. My faith in myself was deflating as fast as a small balloon with a big leak.

To finish the story, I made changes. Day by day. I got the housing and money situation handled, but it was difficult…and now, I was stuck with extra pounds that I didn’t want or need, stuck around my middle.

That’s when I hypnotized myself to stop buying chips and eating them. Guess what? It worked immediately and easily. I just hadn’t done it. I dropped about ten (10) pounds pretty quickly. The change was powerful.

Since that time, I decided to revise the body transformation program that I developed years ago. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let’s talk about the number one (1) cause of all diet failure. It’s called “Emotional Eating.”

Emotional Eating Is The #1 Cause Of Diet Failure

I never noticed emotional eating being a problem for me. My motivation was always high. My diet was really good. It was only when the strains and frustrations of life were out of control that I lost control of my habits.

Emotional Eating is so common that there’s hardly a person alive who doesn’t “have it” to some degree. In fact, just because a person is thin, doesn’t mean they aren’t an emotional eater.

Emotional eating has been discussed by Oprah, Huffington Post, WebMD, Psychology Today (but none of them suggest a real solution — until now).

What Is Emotional Eating?

Emotional Eating is eating for relief or reward. It’s when you have a frustrating day and then find yourself reaching for cookies, cakes or the bottom of the chip bag or just more “good” food. I say, “find yourself” because it’s largely an “out of control” situation. Your hand moves to your mouth as if it’s on autopilot and uncontrollable.

Emotional eating is also when you keep eating after you consciously wanted to stop.

The problem with emotional eating is that it almost never cures itself. We have to change something within ourselves to really conquer “emotional eating.”

“Yes, I Want A New Body!”

There’s a Conspiracy To Keep You in The Dark About Weight Loss

I used to believe the odds of long-term weight loss success was 1 in 20. However, that’s not necessarily an accurate statistic.

The research scientists and studies are unclear on what percentage of folks keep the weight off. You can read books, articles and studies, but the fact is, no one seems to know for sure. One PhD weight loss expert claims success in weight loss is .01%. That’s 1 out of 1,000. Wow. We can do better.

Here is what I can tell you from decades of working with people: If you use willpower and conscious effort to lose weight, then your odds of long-term weight loss success are low, very low.

Would you take a Las Vegas Casino bet where you only had 1%—%5 odds of winning? What about 1 out of 1,000? You might! Millions do exactly that every single year, both in Vegas, and on fitness and diet “plans.”

What if there was a way to “Stack The Deck” in your favor? What if you could walk into a casino knowing you were going to win 99 times out of 100?

How confident would you feel?

If you use willpower to change your weight (such as, Weight Watches, Jenny Craig, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, P90X, or even dangerous weight loss surgery), then you will fail most of the time.

I know. It’s terrible news. But stay with me. I have the a great solution for you.

Emotions drive behavior, and emotional eating drives bad food choices. It’s as if you’re in the back seat of a car and someone else (your subconscious mind) is driving you where another part of you really doesn’t want to go (that is, back to eating more food).

Not only that. You’re being driven around in a vehicle that’s got too much “junk in the trunk” and it’s falling apart. You have to take charge.

By taking control of your emotions (with the system I’m going to show you a little later,) you’ll feel as if you’ve been handed the keys and seated behind the steering wheel of a beautiful, new vehicle.

By mastering your emotions and your emotional eating habits, you’ll “Flip the Odds of Success” to your favor. What if you had a 95% to 99% chance of success?

If emotional eating is the #1 problem for diet failure, then emotional control is the #1 solution. But how do you get emotional control?

Only perhaps 1% of people can “WILL POWER” themselves to longterm weight loss. Even for those folks, they’re fighting an uphill battle.

Why Is Changing Emotional Eating Habits Hard?

Why is it that most of us can’t change our emotional eating habits?

The answer is because you don’t have easy access to the part of the brain and mind that controls your emotions…but stay with me, I’ll show you how to get easy access.

It’s not that most people who are on diets aren’t trying to lose weight. They are trying. Probably just like you’ve tried.

The problem is NOT that they have an ineffective exercise program.

It’s NOT that they choose the wrong dietary approach. The problem is something much worse.

Do You Believe In Conspiracies?

First, a confession. I do believe in conspiracies, because conspiracies have been proven to exist. Companies go to court from time to time for conspiring to screw (pardon my French) consumers one way or another.

Conspiracies have existed in American business, according to our court records, for well over 100 years.

There are people and companies — heck, there are ENTIRE industries that conspire together to achieve their business goals — and they don’t have your best interests in mind. These companies are bad players — “villains in a black hat” — if you will.

Example: The food industry. These villains conspire to get you hooked — even addicted — to their processed foods. This addiction to food was demonstrated in the documentary movie: SuperSize Me! The lead man in the film ate fast food, became addicted, and gained a lot of weight, fast.

Food Lovers Or Food Addicts?

How do they do that? It’s a combination of powerful marketing and bio-engineering the taste of “food.”

Now — you’re going to have to get ready to accept a “Truth Bomb,” — a big, audacious, ton of truth, coming your way.

If you can’t handle the truth, then it’s going to be very difficult for you to succeed in weight loss. I’m serious. Lots of people would rather be scammed, suckered and seduced into the next gimmick or fad, than deal with “Truth.”

So, figure out how you are going to accept what I’m about to tell you.

Here it is: Truth Bomb #1:

Powerful forces in both the food industry and our government agencies have conspired together to force feed you the wrong foods and get you addicted to them.

What I mean is that they constantly show you ads on television, radio, billboards, online, and in magazines.

Plus, they surround you in supermarkets with foods that addict you, slowly poison you, and even leave you physically and mentally weaker — and fatter.

It may be hard for you to believe, but it’s true. Our government has allowed certain ingredients to be regarded as safe to be put into the foods some of us eat.

Studies indicate that some of these additives cause all sorts of physical and mental disorders — including weight gain. One such ingredient is aspartame.

Aspartame is linked to approximately 92 illnesses, but our government allows this toxin in soda and other foods. It’s literally poison to your body and not helping you lose weight either.

That’s just one. What about the slick marketing campaigns and refined sugar that’s added to foods to make them both addictive and fattening?

Make no mistake about it — it’s war! There’s a war on for your body and mind. What I want to do is show you how to take back control — naturally. This is the place where you can finally discover the real culprit that’s been blocking your weight loss success.

Truth Bomb #2: Your Subconscious Mind Holds The Key To Your Weight Loss Success

Medical doctors, nutritionists, personal fitness trainers — heck, even the First Lady of the United States — all want you to believe that by making healthier choices, you’ll be able to shed pounds and get in shape. That’s the bad news….

Your conscious choices aren’t going to save you from overeating and emotional eating. The reason is that your conscious mind relies on willpower, and willpower is very limited.

Willpower is great to have and develop. You should absolutely build your will power as much as you can, BUT…

…psychologists estimate that 95% of your daily thoughts and behaviors are subconscious. That is, your thoughts and behaviors are mostly outside your conscious awareness and not something willpower can control for very long.

“Yes, I Want A New Body!”

Scooter Vs. Ferrari

Willpower and your conscious mind are analogous to a child’s scooter VS. a Ferrari (or your subconscious mind). Who’s going to win that race?

Even if the scooter is given a five (5) mile head start (heck, even 50 miles), the Ferrari will soon pass it by and leave it in the dust. That’s the power difference between your conscious mind/willpower versus your subconscious mind — the part that stores your “drive” and habits.

Your conscious mind is not where decisions are really made. Your subconscious mind influences every decision you make.

The problem is that your subconscious is below your conscious awareness, so you don’t even realize that “it’s” influencing you. Studies show that people don’t even realize when they’ve been influenced by subconscious factors.

Your conscious mind fully believes that it’s in charge, but in reality it’s your subconscious mind that determines your motivation, what foods you eat, and every life decision you make.

Your emotions are triggered by your subconscious mind. Your thoughts are words, and words are mostly pictures in your mind. Not only that…aromas, tastes and sounds stimulate your emotional brain (and your subconscious mind).

Since we humans can’t control our emotions logically, and our emotions are impacting our food choices, then it only makes sense that we take control of our subconscious mind — the part that’s in control.

Why It’s Tougher For Women To Lose Than (Most) Men

Women tend to be more, what I call, “emotionally available and in-touch” than men. This is not always the case, but as a generalization, it’s useful to know. What does that mean? It means that women are going to be even MORE susceptible to EMOTIONAL eating than men are.

What I see is that men are struggling with weight gain and emotional eating too. But… if I had to say who has the tougher time, I’ll go with women. Women have relationships. Often times, those relationships are with food!

That means women (and men who love food) need to use a system that re-programs and re-conditions the emotional control center of the mind. This is the only way I’ve discovered to combat emotional eating at it’s core.

If you doubt that your emotions influence your feelings and actions when it comes to eating, just watch an Outback Steakhouse commercial, or Pizza Hut, or… whatever your favorite restaurant’s commercial is, and notice if you start salivating, getting excited or hungry. It’s very hard to logically resist these temptations for long.

The True Solution To Weight Loss

How can the SleepSlim X — Positive Hypnosis System support weight loss?

Very simply. Emotional eating sabotages your dieting progress. Not to mention, your out of control emotions sabotage your motivation levels making you discouraged faster.

You’ll be doing fine on your diet and then, out of nowhere, you have an upset at work, school, or at home or while driving around town. Those emotions trigger your “relief/reward” switch. It may take awhile to express itself, but eventually it does.

With barely a conscious thought you find your spoon — almost by itself — digging into the ice cream, or your hand pouring an extra drink or grabbing more pizza. Before you know it, you’ve added back the fat weight that you worked so hard to take off. It doesn’t end there….

After having a set-back, you feel unmotivated, (even depressed!) to continue dieting or exercising and you tell yourself, “What’s the use? I might as well just eat what I want.”

Successful weight loss =

End self-sabotage + Good Strategy + Inner Drive + Resiliency

“Yes, I Want A New Body!”

The purpose of the SleepSlim X — Positive Hypnosis System is first and foremost, end self-sabotage. End emotional eating.

Next, the system gives you a good strategy to follow. Notice it says “Good Strategy.” You don’t need a great strategy! That’s what every other program on the market is trying to convince you. That you need a “great diet.” That you need a “great exercise” program. Guess what? You just need a good one and mine is very simple and very flexible, and it works.

Inner Drive: Tapping into your inner drive is really important. The SleepSlim X — Positive Hypnosis System helps you explore what really drives you to success. Motivation is built on your vision and your purpose, and momentum keeps it going.

Resiliency is crucial. Everyone hits a bump in the road. Programming your mind to keep going through any challenge is life changing all by itself. Bouncing back is a habit.

Build Mental Muscles and Great Habits

If you want to transform your body, then build the right habits. Those habits are built upon your daily actions. Your emotional states are triggering your actions. Your subconscious motivations are triggering your emotions, your actions and your habits.

Let me tell you about “Judy.” She is an example of many clients that I’ve worked with — both male and female. Judy wanted to lose weight because she was unhappy, frustrated and concerned about her health. She said, “I’d be happy if I could just lose 10 pounds!”

When I was a personal fitness trainer, my clients were typically millionaires, but I also had lots of everyday people as clients.

I used to believe that the key to weight loss success was eating the right foods and doing the right physical activity program. Admittedly, I still believe those are critical, but with one GIANT proviso:

“Diet and exercise will not succeed if a person’s self-sabotaging behavior is not resolved.”

Self-sabotage is due to (1) emotional eating, (2) low motivation, and (3) fear.

Most clients have low motivation and also suffer from emotional eating. Add “Fear” to the mix and it’s a recipe for failure.

The combination of these three conditions is deadly to long-term weight loss. No diet or exercise program can cure low motivation or emotional eating or fear. Psycho-therapy is very INeffective for weight loss. If you haven’t noticed, (I have) most psychotherapists are overweight.

With low motivation, a person won’t even start a weight loss program, but even if they do, emotional eating will doom most people to failure.

Why do I say “most?”

Because some people do have a high metabolism. Even with emotional eating they can stay slim.

As they age, their luck tends to run out. Emotional eating and sitting at a desk all day, tends to pack on the pounds with every passing year.

The only solution to low motivation, emotional eating and fear are, mainly, two psychological attributes. That’s right. Your mindset will determine if you get to your weight goals or not. Positive Hypnosis is the secret sauce that transforms lives!

What Is Positive Hypnosis?
Why Do I Say It’s The Answer to Weight Loss Success?

Hypnosis — or the trance state — is normal and natural and you’ve been in and out of a trance your entire life. Trance is that twilight period when you are waking up in the morning. It’s when you are driving down the highway and you seem to have forgotten a big portion of the drive, but you know it was you behind the wheel!

In trance, you seem to be mostly aware, but not fully conscious. The fact is that your conscious mind went off somewhere while your subconscious mind took control of your body and drove the car.

The process of hypnosis creates a trance state in the subject (you). The trance state allows your mind to think more creatively. It lowers what we call, your “Critical Factor.”

The Critical Factor is that part of your analytical mind that develops strongly around age eight. It’s in charge of judging and analyzing.

Your Critical Factor is very useful. Unfortunately, it’s not useful if you want to change your habits and limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life. Why? Because you have developed certain beliefs about what is and isn’t true. It takes more effort to change those beliefs, consciously.

Trying to consciously change deep beliefs is like trying to change a webpage by typing on your computer keyboard. It won’t work.

The way to change the webpage is to go to where the computer code is. Change the code from behind the scenes, and then the outer webpage that the world sees, changes.

Hypnotic Trance is the Gateway To Where Your “Slim Code” is Kept

My Positive Hypnosis creates a trance state within you. The trance state lowers your Critical Factor which allows hypnotic suggestions to reach the subconscious mind!

If you aren’t as motivated and determined as you want, then it means that your subconscious mind is running a sabotaging mental program that you can’t consciously override for very long.

Your conscious mind makes a conscious decision and your subconscious mind obeys the command. But if that conscious decision conflicts with a program already programmed into your subconscious mind, then you have to be de-hypnotized — de-programmed first — and then positively hypnotized for what it is you want to achieve.

Why Regular Hypnosis Programs Are Limited

There is a problem with all the hypnosis weight loss programs that I’ve encountered. What’s the shortcoming they all have?

The problem is that they don’t de-hypnotize the client from their self-sabotaging beliefs and limitations. Without first being de-hypnotized from sabotaging concepts, all new hypnotic suggestions will be ineffective. In fact…

It’s a tell-tale sign that when a client has a hypnosis session and has not been de-hypnotized from self-sabotage and self-limitations first, they will typically GAIN weight. They may lose a little, but then quickly re-bound. It’s their subconscious mind saying, “You are not meeting my needs. I will show you who’s boss.”

That’s not all. Those other programs don’t adequately handle the two psychological components that make or break successful weight loss. What components?
Stay with me.

“M” and The Secrets To Weight Loss

A few years ago I answered an online advertisement for a stealth-mode, startup company looking for a part-time consultant. The chief executive officer responded and signed his email with just the letter “M” — no other name. Just an address to their headquarters and the day and time of our meeting.

When I finally met with “M” — the CEO — at the company headquarters in Silicon Valley, we discussed their business model. They were getting into the wellness business.

He Spent $50,000 On A Private Research Study

“I spent $50,000 of my own money to do a private research study,” “M” told me.

Since the study was private, no one else had access to the findings. Here I was, getting inside information from some of the smartest people I’d ever met — geniuses from Stanford, Harvard and MIT. “M” continued…

“We’ve discovered that only two things matter when it comes to weight loss.” As he spoke I was listening very carefully because I’d spent my life from age 19 going to college and working with fitness clients, one-on-one, uncovering the secrets to getting fit and trim. What was “M” going to tell me?

“The two components are….” That’s when “M” spilled the beans.

“Exercise was virtually unimportant for weight loss,” he said, as if he was disappointed. “M” looked to be fit and trim, so of course he expected exercise to be crucial, but it wasn’t. He wanted diet to be important of course, and it was, BUT, two psychological factors made weight loss work if they were there…or fail if they weren’t.

A Powerful Realization

“M” dropped a bombshell of secret information on me. It gave me an insight into why exercise and diet programs fail and succeed. His information dovetailed perfectly with what I already used with my hypnosis clients, but “M”’s insight gave my system a turbo-boost.

I remembered Anthony Robbins saying to a large audience that fitness and weight loss was 80% psychological — I’d been saying that for years. Now, it all came together. I had the components for weight loss.

It wasn’t a better exercise program that caused the weight loss. It wasn’t even the types of food a person eats.

The components that made the biggest difference were psychological.

After looking back at my many clients over the decades and the case studies that I’d conducted, the conclusion was clear.

If You Want To Get and Keep The Weight Off, You Must Change Your Mind

What’s “The 80%” of Weight Loss Success?

Mindset represents 80% of your weight loss success. Only 20% is diet and exercise. In fact, exercise makes up little if any of your weight loss success. (Exercise helps you keep the weight off and boost your metabolic rate). I enjoy exercise a lot — I’m an exercise physiologist by training, HOWEVER…

…the only way to get motivated, stay motivated and develop the habits necessary for weight loss success is to have the two psychological components — the ones that actually matter — deeply planted into the subconscious mind.

Without the two psychological components successfully planted into your subconscious mind, all the diets, all the exercise programs, all the supplements — even dangerous bariatric weight loss surgeries — will either completely fail or at best, be temporarily and marginally effective.


As a professional in the area of exercise, nutrition and hypnosis, I will state to you undoubtedly that without getting the proper mindset — either by luck, accident or by deliberately using Positive Hypnosis to program your mind — successful weight loss is not only unlikely to happen for you, it’s daringly close to impossible.

The Inner Game of Weight Loss

Back in college, when I was studying exercise science, sports psychology, and sports hypnosis at Columbia University, we had to read a lot of books. One was called, The Inner Game of Tennis.

The take-away from the book was that playing tennis successfully was not about the externals of “swing” or having the ideal tennis racquet. It was about getting into the right mindset, or state of mind.

The truth is that state of mind is just as important for the inner game of weight management as it is for sports success. Your inner game directly effects your outer game. Your inner game of weight loss effects your results.

Self-sabotage means that you have desires that are not being satisfied or fears that are threatening to you in some way. Those desires and fears can be physical, social, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

The SleepSlim X — Positive Hypnosis System resolves the inner conflict and causes you to start automatically losing weight.

It’s A Great Feeling!

“Yes, I Want A New Body!”

SleepSlim X gives you the confidence to succeed.

It’s the feeling you get when you take the emergency break off your car as you drive down the road. It’s like the support you feel having a gentle breeze on your back as you walk along the beach instead of a strong wind in your face as you struggle uphill.

It’s that confident feeling after you sailed through that school exam with an “A.” It’s the feeling you get when things just start working and all the effort you put in just seems manageable. No friction. No sabotage. Just smooth progress.

That’s the power of aligning your conscious desires with your subconscious needs.

Why Is The Name Of This Masterpiece Fat Burning System Called:
The SleepSlim X — Positive Hypnosis System?

Hypnosis comes from the Greek word, Hypnos, the ancient Greek God of sleep. Slim is the result you receive from ending emotional eating. Positive hypnosis is the method. Flood your mind with positivity.

Lots of positive, uplifting suggestions and images to inspire your subconscious mind. The “X” stands for “eXtremely effective.” All the hypnotic suggestions in SleepSlim X are positive, and for your benefit.

Who Am I And Why Should You Follow My Program?

I grew up with health problems and missed a lot of school days. As a result, I quickly learned to value my health and get fit. My first job in the fitness industry was as a fitness instructor at a health club in Syracuse, New York.

Since that first health club job, I’ve earned a bachelor’s degree from one of the top physical education schools in the U.S. My master’s degree in physical education/sports psychology from Ivy League, Columbia University as well as a certificate in MindBody health from Harvard University. A doctorate is in applied sports psychology (what I call: the psychology of winning!), plus PhD studies at Union Institute and University.

At age 22, in New York City, I became one of the leading personal fitness trainers to the presidents, CEO’s and Vice Presidents of the biggest book publishing houses in the world. Television personalities and tv producers have been my clients too.

If you’ve seen the movie “Fargo,” the television show “Anger Management” or shows on NBC and ABC television, or read the Da Vinci Code (as one example), then you’ve seen my clients or been touched by what they do.

At age 23, I learned hypnosis from a master hypnotist — you know, a Yoda type of character, but taller. Since then, I’ve studied, tested, and refined my hypnotic weight loss methods. I’ve owned my own hypnosis clinic where I saw lots of clients desperate to lose weight.

After all these years of studying the psychology of eating, the physiology of weight loss and the best hypnotic techniques known, SleepSlim is now in it’s 4th and most advanced version. “X” — eXtremely effective because it de-hypnotizes out the emotional eating self-sabotaging behaviors and programs in the mindsets and habits for success.

You Are Invited To Become A Member:

What’s the value of SleepSlim X (and the free bonuses)?

What’s your life and your self-respect worth? Tricia’s was worth a lot.


Tricia Stime was working next to my hypnosis office as a dental assistant. She’d come over during lunch to have her hypnosis sessions. Tricia came to me because her weight was depressing her and she was out of control. After a hypnosis series, Tricia lost 30 lbs. Months later she came back because she noticed that she was stressed at work. I helped Tricia realize that her emotions, specifically, her desire to avoid confrontation, was driving her to eat. She solved that inner conflict through positive hypnosis. Tricia’s much happier and much lighter. She’s in control of herself now.

Tricia invested what all my private clients did for a series of sessions — $1,497.00 (up to $2,000+) — that’s what high level, private, one-on-one, professional services cost — you know that. But now you can have my best positive hypnosis sessions for pennies on the dollar. Even more advanced positive hypnosis suggestions have been formulated into SleepSlim X.

Sacrifice The Cost of One Semi-Fancy Dinner Out For Long Term Weight Loss and Freedom

Can you sacrifice one semi-fancy dinner out in order to change your life forever and re-gain control?

“Yes” is the savvy answer.

You have an opportunity to change your mind and change your body. When you change your body your life will change for the better. There are several reasons why your life will change, but the most profound is simply this:

You will become more confident in your ability to accomplish what you want. I’ve had very successful women (and men) tell me, nearly in tears, that “this” (losing weight) is the only area they can’t seem to succeed at.

Now you can succeed. Weight loss is great. It comes as a byproduct of changing your habits. Nothing is better at changing habits than hypnosis and nothing is better at hypnosis for body transformation than: The SleepSlim X — Positive Hypnosis System.

Here Is What You Receive When You Act NOW and Take Advantage of this Special Offer. (We reserve the right to change this offer and the special introductory pricing at any time — that means, the savvy choice is to Buy Now).

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The SleepSlim X — Positive Hypnosis System
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Four (4) Positive Hypnosis Sessions to end emotional eating and transform your life.

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Unstoppable Confidence — Positive Hypnosis System

Sold by itself for $99. Yours free to use along with the SleepSlim X program sleepslim-confidence

Confidence has been shown to be the most important ingredient for success. Even great skills can be lost if a person has no confidence. This four (4) session program puts the components of confidencetogether to make you and your goals, Unstoppable!

Free Bonus #2 for You:
Deep Asleep — Positive Hypnosis System

deepsleepSleep impacts weight loss. Without the right amount of deep sleep, your body will increase hunger hormones causing you to want to eat more. Listen to Deep Asleep (one, 30 minute recording with hypnotic music and healthy suggestions) as you go to bed. You will go Deep Asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

You get: $228.90 worth of life changing Positive Hypnosis sessions for only $89.95 Only $79.95. (Is that fair or is that fair?)

“Yes, I Want A New Body!”

Join me and change your life. See you on the inside.

John Farley, Jr. — The Fitness Hypnotist

“Yes, I Want A New Body!”


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Next, you’ll receive a PDF about hypnosis. Next, login to the membership site. I suggest that you start with Unstoppable Confidence! Build your confidence to succeed with weight loss. Or you can use both Unstoppable Confidence and SleepSlim X at the same time. One hypnosis audio in the morning, and the other system later on that day or evening. It depends on how much time you have each day. Use the program daily or as often as you can. Take the full 60 days to experience a change in your life. Join me.